Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Maldivians have a short term memory

Like the football mania ; vote mania is here. Like always every Maldivian has transformed to be a political analyst and a freedom fighter. Which is good, it's our right and our future. I think this is the way to go. However at the same time; many of those who said "we don't give a fuck about politics", also are in the race now. Most of these people including some educated fools seem to have forgotten the past. Not just few years back history, but even things that happened few months back. This is really impressive, either we are so "forgive and forget" type or we are just plan stupid.

30 years back our parents and grand parents fell for a few points. Same points are raised today with different names and faces.

It does not matter who you vote for; as long as you know the choice you make is the right one. At the same time be responsible. Maybe the vote you give is for your relative, friend or neighbor. Or maybe your father-in-laws friend. Are these the reasons we should base our votes on?. I feel it should be for the right reason and cause, for the country not for our own benefit or good . It's not the "presidential" looks that we should be looking for, or a list of promises. It's time to base our votes on "trust" factor, to someone whom you know will fix things and you can depends on. For me this is important; I don't want someone who will wake up one day and would tell us "from today we are communists". Anyone can come on the stage and can run power point slides and make promises. Coming up with figures and documents is no big deal; we all can do that. "Talks" we had, had enough of. Is that what still we should be looking for?.

As for me I will not vote for anyone whom I feel I can't trust. They have to prove it to us with time, and history does matter here. If you say what was in the past is in the past; I openly say to those people go vote for Mr. Maumoon. He is the best choice if you are looking for experience and looks, etc. Why even consider anyone else; if that's what you are looking for. If you don't feel that way; then you should take a look at the list of the candidates and decide. Maybe in time we will trust some of the candidates, but now for me I simply can't trust most of the people on the list. Not at this stage, not unless they really prove beyond just words. I am sorry, but that's how it works for me.

Dr. Hassan is someone I've known from his time in Malaysia, so is Jameel. I never liked Dr. Shaheed and I never knew him personally. However is associations with the existing governments gave me real bad impression of him. I know from a few friends his parts in the web sites like factmaldives.com and others alike. I am not sure I true they are, but we all know he was one of the key figures of the system they oppose so strongly now. For me to trust them will take time. I hope they understand this. Maybe some of his supports; that includes many of my friends have forgotten those days or just don't know. Maybe they are good people and forgiven or justified those doings. That's ok; I respect them. I feel Dr. Hassan has got good plans and have some good people backing him. For me not this time, maybe next time (if he decided to stay in Maldives and survive the nation) I will vote for him.

For me it comes down to Anni and Ibra. I trust these two people. They have always said the same thing and worked for the same objective. If I vote for Anni; I will be voting for MDP; for the movement for the cause. If I vote for Ibra I will be voting for a good character; who says the right thing and has a vision and a proven track record. So my vote will go for one of them.

As for Maumoon; the simple reason why I won't vote for him very simple. He was the president for 30 years and yet I feel we the people suffer. I don't need to talk about the rest of the people, I just have to look at my own self. I have a decent job and a family. However I cannot afford to rent a two room apartment in Male', or save for the future of my kids or my retirement. Cost of living is rocket high, whole of youth is gone into hard drugs, level of education in the country is so bad, not much opportunities for youth here and basically there is no real life for us. We just live, work , drink coffee , ride a bike and die. I need a better life; or at least I wish for a better one. Maybe Maumoon is capable and will give us that day, but I guess he had his time. Asking for more is not fair in my point of view. Plus I belive "LOGICALLY" in a democratic system individuals are not given more then 2 terms of service. There is a reason why this law is implemented ; there is a logic behind this. Maybe the smart law makers and the well educated people of our country do not feel so, but I do. I feel why this is implemented in many countries is for a reason, and we totally ignored that "logic". Maybe by the book he can stand up as a candidate; which is right. Maybe.. but my logic does not say thats following democratic ways. Anyway nothing we can do about it, no one was good enough to come and fight for that point or bring it up. So let it be.. bottom line is I won't vote for Maumoon cos I wish to give others a chance and hope for a better future. He have contributed where he can; so lets thank him and say bye too. Some of my friends will vote for him; I respect them too and I understand the reasons as well.

Gasim; I don't think he really cares for the people the way he claims. I will not trust a business men to be our leader. That's as simple as that. That once again I say for the Laura. I don't know any of my friends who will vote for Gasim and I would not even understand why..

The results; I don't know. Maybe Maumoon and Anni will lead this things. One of them will win it too. Lets hope for the best.


Yafaau's daddy said...

A very good post and a good choice, for you that is. It feels good to have your vote counted on as an indication that you cared for your responsibility as a good citizen. I humbly respect your attitude towards these candidates and hope to see more people think the same way.

My thinking and vote may be totally different. But it is good to know that there are people who do respect the outcome, whatever it may be. I hope Maldives would achieve a better life and pride in this coming 5 years. And may our motherland rise itself to a new era. Aameen.

The leftback said...

your reasoning is same as mine...ill probably vote ibra as for me its not winning that counts.I believe you choose whoever is the best candidate for you.I believe in iIbra's vsion the one he was preaching four years ago in MDP colors. He has remained true to his word hasn't sold out to different coalitions to further his political gains.The vote I cast in the last parliamentary election for Ibra I believe was the most important and most gainful vote that I ever gave.That seat has been the most beneficial in providing us with a platform to go in to this democracy which we have been craving for.so long,Thanks for all the barbs.

opinions said...

I WILL vote Ibra.. the strongest, the intellectual, the man with a vision to rebuild this Nation.

RadioActiveMind said...

gud one!
im with Ibra,the most capable, sincere, trusted and consistant candidate.

Maldiveshealth said...

who do u think is backing Saeed? We have been injected by this fantasy that a holy being is backing saeed. No No simply not true.

MarvFali - Dhona said...

Sweet & simple...! But still stands as a very strong, clear, factual and reasonable.. I wonder why others do not know how to "THINK"....! Great job.