Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Vote for "Hope"

Here we stand united for a change. Here we stand wondering about our future. Here we stand confused about some of our brothers and sisters. Hope is all we have, and I am willing move ahead with that hope. Not standing up against anyone; just standing up for myself, my family and my friends. It's about me, my future. Like it is for the "others". I respect that, but lets put up a fair fight for what we believe in.

It's hard to change some people; like the "woman in the houses". I tried to understand them and the conclusion I came to was very simple. They know, but they don't want to admit. They don't want to admit that someone played with their lives for years an years. Worst of all destroyed the future of their children. End of the day who is to be blamed?, it's them. they who voted for him. It's hard to admit that they destroyed their own future. They simply cannot take this fact and are in denial. So I guess I won't even try, it will only give them more pain in their old age. It's not an easy guilt to carry around. Rather they'd watch "Kasotee" and the alike. Go with that flow and live in that box. A few will only give up and face the reality. It's sad but that's the truth.

The other type of "others" are who don't have much of a choice. They have lived off the system, and are living off the system. All they have; the power, the fame and the security is provided by the system. By "the one"; they don't have a choice. They have to back him up. It's a choice between loose it all or stand-up for what is right. Not many will choose the last option. It's easy to find an excuse to justify our stand and support the system. We all love our family, and won't want to see a future where they are taken to trial, etc. We must accept this too. It's a few of us, but they too are our friends and people we know, we should not alienate them or judge them. Maybe they too wish for the good of us; and understand what we are crying for. However if they have to choose; it's not an easy choice as well. At times it takes a lot of balls to accept or reject. Some of us did, some of us won't.

I don't want to debate on nifty details on the choices we have. It's very clear to me; I need a change and I had had enough. I don't see a bright future with the existing system that we have and I want to give the opposition a chance for hope. I fully support the idea of change. Why the change?. The answer is simple; I am not happy with the present system and have lost faith in the leadership. I believe we could do better, I believe we need fresh way of thinking. It's not about religion, or power to me. It's about a better life and more secure future. Maybe for different people they may see it in different ways. Today I don't know my future, what will happen to me when I get old. I don't know if I will be capable to take care of my parents when they grow old and are sick in bed. For me my choice is clear; I'd invest on a cyanide tablet and save it for future. When I grow old and loose hope, just pop the pill. That's the kind of future I see today here in "This Maldives"; "Mi raahjeyga".

They say this is the "sunny side of life", I say this is the "funny side of life". It is funny, and I mean it. We boast about GDP, and the development and yet we struggle so hard everyday. Our people don't have any hope; we just live for today. After we save 15,000 MRf, we invest on an iPhone and rest of the month don't even fill our patrol tanks. We have developed a culture where we simply don't care for our future. Why? Maybe simply because we don't have any "hope". Look around you; ask your friends and family. It is really depressing but we try to ignore that over a coffe' and a few smoke. Think about it. We have so much problems at homes, at work everywhere. Most we just choose to ignore.

Some may challenge our intelligence and try to label us as fools, but we are just standing up for what we believe is right. Not what our parents and others influence us to. Maybe they want us to be the zombies and just clap to their speeches. This won't happen anymore those days are over, no matter who wins this election. They may still have the power to play with our lives, but we won't go down easily. The same mistake that our parents and uncles did we won't make today.

Maybe again; this is just my view and I may not be aware of the "real good life" that our system has got to offer. The new heights that we can climb on to, but as of today "I just wonder". On 28th I'd act. I'd again vote for hope; cos I won't give up on that hope that things will someday improve for the better.