Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Le Roi est mort, vive le Roi!

"The King is dead. Long live the King!" .... ? I hope not!, with that hope we voted. With that hope we stood up against the impossible. Today we made it, we made it because some people never gave up. Some people always believed in democracy and freedom. Most of all there were people who wanted a better life, and thought "enough is enough". I hope this dream lives on, nothing ended with winning the election. The journey to full fill those dreams just started. The delivery of those promises still remain.

It's time we individuals started to contribute where we can. It's time to move on from just criticizing to acting. Things don't change in a day or two, or even months. It will take us years to clean up and rebuild. If we expect that responsibility only to be taken up by a few individuals this is never gonna happen. As a nation we have to take that responsibility and each and every individual needs to understand this.

I feel the role of a responsible opposition party will play an major role. However that opposition party has to have good intentions, rather then just claiming power. It has to work for the people not a "few" individual interests. Presently some of us back different parties due to family ties or other reasons; it's never about the "people". This is the kind of thinking that we need to erase but it's never really going to get eliminated totally. We need to understand those facts too as we move on.

I wish the new government all the best and would like to remind them that things just got started. I am sure they understand this more then anyone of us. Personally like many people I hope we get a solution to the current housing issues. I feel this is one of the key factors. The previous government failed badly on us on this issue. Today some of us slave all day and the hard earned money is totally spend on accommodation while the others still have to share with the families. I don't think the previous government really cared for this; or maybe they took advantage of this point to earn money. Which ever way it was today I expect a "Change" to this. If not again we have to hit the streets shouting "Golhaaboa". I promise this will happen, at the same time I do not expect the solution to come to us overnight too.

To conclude for those who still think Anni "does not have the presidential looks or manners" I suggest that they also move the focus on his promises rather then his looks and what he eats and drinks. If still you feel how he looks like is an issue to you; you need help. Seriously I mean it, here we are struggling to survive: feed our kids and find shelter and there you are talking about some guys looks. Kind of odd don't you think?.

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