Friday, November 14, 2008

Whats Next?

The past few months everyday it's was about politics. I think it's time for me to put the focus back to work and other responsibilities. I guess we need to give the new incoming government time for them to prove themselves. I won't be expecting for things to change overnight. There is firstly a lot of cleanup's to be done.

Best thing for someone like me would be to get focus back to my work and contribute where I can. If I face any difficulties in my field or area of interest raise it. The government involvements in some key areas of my interest is essential and I plan to seek to fix them to the best of my abilities. A lot of help an attention is needed, but so is for a lot of areas. This is the challenge. First to get attention, then to get them involved. We also might need to create some pressure/focus groups who agrees on certain common things before anything. My view is that the involvement of individuals from the private sectors is really important. One good example is the IT areas, I believe and it's proven that the government lacks enough expertise and experience in these areas. Contributions from the experience of the private sectors will definitely make a difference. Until today this was never done. As a result we saw that the very basic things like our national registration data was in a big mess. We would have easily automated the whole process of voting, etc. My fear is if the incoming government would ignore these factors and would only try to bring in consultants from outside the country. This is something I support, however I feel local involvements along with these consultants will only be the key to success of such projects.

In the political arena as I posted previously the tables have turned. I guess we should leave DRP and the other opposition to criticize/joke, write songs, make web sites, etc. Let them focus on individuals and us on a system. I think only a few of them will really want to contribute (hope that changes). But that is good, we really need an opposition to have a proper democracy, they are as important as the ruling party. Our focus should be on improving things and to reach to that common dream we have. We have the advantage of the bitter experiences from the past and the willingness to improve and help.

Though the change is here we must not forget what we stood up for. We should never try to be like "them". We should always stand up against things like cronyism, nepotism this leads to corruption and division. The "aneh Dhivehi raaje" is not here yet, even though a lot of us say "Welcome to aneh Dhivehi raaje". My view is it is still a dream that we need to work for and archive.

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