Wednesday, August 31, 2005

/configure && make && make install

The GNU guys have come up with a new easier method than going through a whole bunch of directories and a whole bunch of vi editing before you compile from source. Now we have mostly been used to the autogen, configure , make and make install. Well bad news is this might soon be history and you will miss it. Though its gonna be around; like when the new GUI's and gui based tools came in for *nix; most newbies use em. Same is gonna go for this as well.

Anyway the new project is called GNU Source Installer. Might be interesting to check it out. Guess soon with all the disto'sthis will be bundled.


Anonymous said...

THis is most certainly good news for those distros that have poor package management tools- notably, RedHat/Fedora Core being the most difficult ones to maintain...
On the other hand, for distros like gentoo which has the most reliable and hassle-free software management capabilities, I doubt that this GNU tool which be of much consequence. In fact, its quite likely that over time, debian/slackware might move to a package management system written completely in bash/python or resemble more closely to a BSD-portage like system.

Anonymous said...

I see the probabilities of debian or slackware abruptly changing their package management system as very low.