Friday, August 29, 2008

Barack Obama; Democratic Convention Speech

I know so many of you already head it, seen it and read it... however here it is again just for the record (post for historical reasons)

For those of you who did not check it out. This is inspiring and makes you wonder why we don't have people like Obama in nation(s) like ours.

Some of the key things which we should also think about from his speech (for me) are..

Tonight, I say to the American people, to Democrats and Republicans and Independents across this great land - enough! This moment - this election - is our chance to keep, in the 21st century, the American promise alive. Because next week, in Minnesota, the same party that brought you two terms of George Bush and Dick Cheney will ask this country for a third. And we are here because we love this country too much to let the next four years look like the last eight. On November 4th, we must stand up and say: "Eight is enough."
For me I'd change the numbers and names and apply for my vote in my country.

For over two decades, he's subscribed to that old, discredited Republican philosophy - give more and more to those with the most and hope that prosperity trickles down to everyone else. In Washington, they call this the Ownership Society, but what it really means is - you're on your own. Out of work? Tough luck. No health care? The market will fix it. Born into poverty? Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps - even if you don't have boots. You're on your own.

Well it's time for them to own their failure. It's time for us to change America.

You see, we Democrats have a very different measure of what constitutes progress in this country.

We measure progress by how many people can find a job that pays the mortgage; whether you can put a little extra money away at the end of each month so you can someday watch your child receive her college diploma. We measure progress in the 23 million new jobs that were created when Bill Clinton was President - when the average American family saw its income go up $7,500 instead of down $2,000 like it has under George Bush.

We measure the strength of our economy not by the number of billionaires we have or the profits of the Fortune 500, but by whether someone with a good idea can take a risk and start a new business, or whether the waitress who lives on tips can take a day off to look after a sick kid without losing her job - an economy that honors the dignity of work.

Those are the kind of words I long to hear from my leaders. However unfortunately I know we don't have such kind of people (or rather leaders). Sad but true.

To conclude I'd like to note this one which was in his speech that, "the change we need doesn't come from Washington. Change comes to Washington.". Interpret it which ever way you want; for me it's very simple. "Change" means "CHANGE", total change of ideas and faces.

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Simon said...

Indeed! I am honored and consider myself lucky to have been witness to one of the most inspiring, stirring an powerful speeches the world has seen in a long time.

If Obama becomes president I shall celebrate.