Saturday, August 16, 2008

Mobile social networking

Much like web based social networking, mobile social networking occurs in "Virtual communities". Basically this can be implemented in two ways. We all are very familiar with the existing web based social networks like facebook or twitter. The same portals are extended to the mobiles, via WAP, MMS, SMS and other means such as Java, BREW, etc. The advantage is you don't need to be always online near a PC to be connected to social networking portals. You can tweet about something while you are walking, post a video or a picture as it happens to facebook, all are examples of advantages on mobile social networking. Fortunately today we have this here with us, with some services you don't need to be depended on the operator for others you do. Example you can tweet via SMS with all operators in Maldives (until recently twitter decided to make tweeting one way... still you can send your tweets to twitters UK number via SMS). Other examples include take a picture/video and MMS to which gets updated into your facebook account, or send notes to again via MMS.

Other method include social networks limited within the operators. These are limited to the operator you are using and the methods vary. Maybe over SMS/MMS, WAP or simply via Java based applications, etc. It's been exciting to watch such communities grow and watching people adopt these technologies in Maldives.

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