Tuesday, August 19, 2008

progress and prosperity

Tonight I took a walk and decided to rest and have a smoke near the 'Masvaringe park'. While I was sitting near a 'Dhoni' an old man approached. He sounded really polite and asked me if I worked for the Dhoni behind me. He wanted to know if he can sleep in it; since it was kinda of rainy. When I told him it had nothing to do with me and would be best if he asked the people who were sleeping in it. Then he requested if I would ask those guys for him; he was shy requesting that from me. I could tell that from his tone. I did all I can, but unfortunately poor man was not allowed on it. Finally he thanked me and told me he'd sleep on a bench and if it rained he'd find some way. I walked back home to my bed. Here I am blogging about it knowing I could not help and worst of all the rest of the country is happy about the progress we made in the last few decades.

I guess I should thank those people for that. The whole generation of people who are in their 40's /50's and 60's who made this happen. I won't blame one individual for all the bad things which is here and all the good things which could have happened to this nation. The responsibility should be taken collectively by the whole generation of 'bodu kaafu' people. Thank you once again. Good night.


jaa said...

That is sad man. I think there are quite a few people who sleep at the "masveringe park" isn't it - quite a few sleep/nap there during the day for sure.

Simon said...

Indeed, it is so sad. But I feel you should have done a little more. You could've asked him why he had to sleep there.

While progress of a country is one thing and why an old man didn't have a roof over his head could be another. Perhaps he was disowned by his children.

kandukoss said...

And there are many other similiar stories.
Your posting and and your concern gives me hope that we can fix these things.