Saturday, August 23, 2008

Money, Politics

Politics and Money go along very well. This is true to all nations, ours is no exception. Skinned by nationalistic talks or 'Huhbul vatan' speeches; a lot of times there is a shades of green.

I wonder how much money will be dumped to buy votes this time. Some will switch sides to please the bosses, some will switch sides in hope that they will get some benefit by standing by a group, etc. This is a nice show to watch. 'Change' is the keyword today. Change for what? better or worse; I have no clue nor does many.

One thing I will be sure is no matter whom I vote for nothing much will change for the good. At least not in the next 10 years. I think we are in for a major crisis. It's already bad and it's not improving. They say 30 years back there was no electricity, 30 years back few people were educated. I say 30 years back their hair was not gray or white too. Some things are bound to happen; does not mean some people can take all the credit for those things. Furthermore it's not a favour that they have done on us; it's a must. It's the responsibility and job of the leadership. Who ever it maybe. The question should be how well that job was carried out? next question will be how well it will be maintained/sustained and improved?. Today we are at a point where there is so much social issues, like basic health care and housing issues, etc. How well were they addressed. Could we have done a better job; was this the best we could have had? These should be the questions that should be asked. Next question will be; will it get worse in the future. Will the so called "Change" that we seek make things better?. I sure hope so, but I want to know before I decide my vote. I want to see a clear roadmap, I don't want to gamble. If not I won't vote. I don't want to vote based on face or name. No matter who he/they are.

The sad thing I know is; even if I have those idea's it does not matter. Votes will be sold and bought. The people who will be willing to spend the most stand the higest chance. It's sad, but thats how it will be. I hope there will be a few who will at least think before they will vote. It's not a choice you make for your ownself. It's a choice you make for the future of a lot of people. We have to be responsible when this choice is made.

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