Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Breaking News!

Min. of Islamic Affairs proposes to block www.youtube.com and www.google.com

.... I mean why not?

It's funny them instructing to block certain web site(s); cos they are in Dhivehi. Do they think we can only read Dhivehi?. What about all the web sites in English?.

Anyway I think it's plan stupid to think that today in Dec 2008 people can be stopped from access to information. For me blocking web sites is just stupid. I think Islamic extremism is more a threat then fearing Maldivians will convert to Christianity (just by reading a web site written in Dhivehi). Maybe the people who made those decisions can only read Dhivehi?. If anyone wants to convert I don't think the choice will be just only based on a stupid web site. Come on. Is this is kind of thinking we voted for?

The next funny part is the people whom we expect to raise this (the so called politicans) won't talk about these things in public. Reason being they fear to be labled as pro christian. It's not about religion here; it's about basic human rights and standing up against plan stupid things in this political areana.

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SoE said...

This would be in-line with their refusal to look at the root of "the problem" and dealing with that instead of scapegoat-ing everything they can point their fingers at. Google? GOOGLE?

I wonder why their first course of action isn't tracking down the people "responsible" for these so called "pro-Christian" websites "in Dhivehi", and dealing with them.