Saturday, December 20, 2008

Weak Opposition

One of the biggest disadvantage I see today in the Maldives is a weak opposition. The so called "Wataneydhey goteh" alliance composes of all the previous major oppositions. It is true that this alliance was the key to over throw of the previous dictatorship. However almost all of the key members of these opposition parties are in the current government (they are the government). I think this is a major disadvantage for the people. True democracy is not complete without a proper opposition.

DRP who was practically the previous ruling party is almost unheard of now. I think I do understand why too. I guess the answer is Law number 42 of "The 48 Laws of Power", book by Robert Greene

Law 42 Strike the Shepherd and the Sheep will Scatter

The shepherd was ex president Maumoon. Now the sheep's are no where to be seen. This was very much expected too, as DRP was revolving around him only.

I still think it's too early to make a sound judgment of the new government. Having said that, at the same time I am not very happy with how things are moving too. We all have different expectations and demands. I know all will not be entertained too. I do understand that, but I feel things like the present housing crisis we have in Male' is a must to be addressed. We need to know about the plans and when we would have an affordable life. The promised "އަތް ފޯރާފަތް" stuff. Other issues like Ministry of Islamic affairs trying to take basic rights away from us in the name of religion concerns me.

The way I see it still the election is not over. I feel MDP and others concentration is totally on the up coming parliamentary elections. I thought we got over the issue of what kind of governance, we the people decided on a presidential system. I don't think many people get this or have come to accept this including the present government.

What ever it is I feel there is a strong need for a good opposition. This needs to come now, before it's too late. If there are responsible political leaders they need to act now not when the 5 year term is about to end. At the same time the opposition needs to be serious and responsible too, not just talking about useless stuff and fighting against meaningless things.

'Will Kutti Nasheed take over DRP or form another party?' This is one question that is often asked at coffee tables but never 'will Maumoon come back'. I think I am happy with that, I for one don't want to see Maumoon back. I need to see a New Maldives with fresh ideas and fresh blood in politics. I don't even like the idea of people like Zaki in the present government. They can be as advisers but I feel they had their chance and blew it.

Maybe some may see an opposition to be damaging to the present government, I see it the other way. A good opposition is who will save this government from making major mistakes and will act as a watch dog. That's very logical and I don't think need to be explained.


Xiham said...

Ministry of Islamic affairs trying to take basic rights away from us in the name of religion concerns me.

What exactly do you mean by this???

nonamefase said...

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Anonymous said...

An opposition is a good idea in the sense that it will always point out the requirements of the people that needs to be fulfilled, thus pressuring the government into providing these. But in the current situation in our country, i have the feeling gayyoom and his men will go out of their way in creating hatred about the new government in the hearts of Maldivians, and knowing Gayyoom, will not rest unless he does so. He will continue pointing out each and every little mistake of the new government, making mountains out of molehills, and trying to prove it to the public that no president is better than he was. In this case it is not a healthy opposition for they will only make the situation worse. Robert Greene is indeed right when he says that 'trouble can often be traced to a single strong individual-the stirrer, the arrogant underling, the poisoner of goodwill.' Yes, Gayyoom will try to poison the public's mind about their image of the new government, and he would destroy this country in the process.

moyameehaa said...

agreed.i think ibra is a people's person.but where the fuck is the guy. he was talkin about leavin politics now that the dictator is down. but he is one politician i trust.i believe he cares about people and he knows politics. coming last at the election was kinda his social liberal party's prob too. there wasnt enough campaignin and people dunno wtf they are up to. maumoon coming back? the horror, the horror!dont talk about him. infact when ever you say his name say neiykamakah noon hurikamah (like we are asked to say when we mention badiedhuru).

i think we need to do something about these business guys. that resort thing really bothers me.taxin and solvin the problem of resorts and economic probs generally is impossible unless people do something about the business fuckers.we need an opposition now. we also need more leftists.basically we need balance now.

moyameehaa said...

oh.and i also dont like zaki and other trash from gayoms regime in the current government.