Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year?

I would like to think it will be a good year 2009. Definitely 2008 has been a great year, we ended 30 years of dictatorship in the Maldives and welcomed a new government. Even though things so far don't look so good, there might be hope for the future. One thing for sure is Dr. Majeed will work really hard to make our way of life really hard one , like banning the new year parties in Maldives stating they are against Muslim ways. No politician will be able to stand up against this, for the fear of being labeled as anti Muslim. I am sure this guy must be enjoying all this. Blocking Internet, banning disco's, maybe allowing sick vahhaabee guys to marry 9 year old girls?. Come on who knows.

The new government is too busy with the elections for the parliament of 2009, we the people are still waiting in"hope" for a better future. Cost of living in Male' is going high, rich seem to get richer while the youth still don't have much hopes for a better tomorrow. The struggle for power seem to be endless, while NOTHING practically is being improved. "Time" maybe the keyword, but with that I guess a lot of us are loosing confidence in our leaders and "the system" we all thought would change our lives. News don't seem to be good in the media, while the world is heading for the "great depression II", I guess we already have a clue on what holds for 2009. However 2009 is a critical year for Maldives, as it will be the year when we get to lay down a new foundation for the political change that we accomplished in 2008. The political choices that will be made in 2009 will reflect into the future. Our future.

I don't know if Dr. Majeed will approve of me saying "Happy New Year 2009 to everyone", or if he will order TAM to block a few more sites soon. Like the blogs and maybe "Google". Well you again never know. This guy seem to be crazy and radical enough to do it.

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