Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Nation for Sale! Sold?

I just was reading haveeru. What I realize was for 30% share of the nation (Maldives) the cost is 5 million 400,000 MRf. Maybe my interpretation was wrong.

Gasim seems to be demanding for his share and Zaki said they (Gasim and Jumhooree party) did not make the full payment as per agreement.

Welcome to Maldives Pvt. Ltd.


Abdulla said...

I thought Maldives Republic Pvt Ltd was a ting of the past with major stake-holders Kaaminee and Endheri Clan. Obviously I am wrong.
And guess what?? The current government has publicly announced the share holding positions, the share percent and value..more than ever Maldives Republic Pvt Ltd is real and in full force now. Gasim Pay the amount Zaki (envoy of MD) asks and u can enjoy the 30%, if shareholders are truthful.

moyameehaa said...

balaaehthaaa. mihaarudhen hama ekee ekachakah hayaaives kendunee. dhimaalahviyyaa ebunelanee. tsk tsk. how much share does the people have btw. we need to bring down the company. where is the scylla? where is peter petrelli and hiro nakamora and tom foss.