Wednesday, June 22, 2005

FM Loves me :)

Well what can I say? Here is an artical about me on FM. Man oh man I loved it after I read it. Sounded more like I have really pissed some people off well good enough! So why are they pissed here is the explaintion, click here to find out the reason. But this was expected out of them! I knew that even before I did posted the thingy on my blog: here is the quote from my previoud post "I know they will get back at me with all the crap: but before that let me tell them this.. No matter how fucked up I am : I beat that again! So ? And they did not even get a hint! Infect they used this also to mislead people. So I prove my point! Now they can go on..." .. so no suprize guys! after all this is what you guys do, and I have to admit you guys are good at it and getting better! by the way ever considered writting scripts for movies? or stories? I think you will do very well there! hehehe! anyway it was cool! i loved it!

But here it is; the guy claims to be a friend of mine! so why did he not put his name? and why not others friend name? so that people can refer back to me. Here is some help; check with Mr. Hassan Hameed; Umarbe and others who were the Assistant Principles. Now i can publish names; they can't, why? hmmmm!?

So who was my best friend at school? Ah ha! now now he does not know that too.Well let me tell you that too. I use to be in the 1992 batch at school. Hanged out mostly with Abbas (who works at Presidents Office now), Mohamed Ali (who works at Public works now), Mandhoo (who is in US now), PH (who is in dhiraagu now), and a few more guys. They would be able to tell you know addicted I was with drugs! buhahahah! man o man! Ok; I confess I use to smoke when i was back in school. There you go; now what else... girls? ah ha! now you want me to talk abt that! No fucking way! I don't wanna play along now. I am no part of this show; sorry dude.

KD group? Now who are they? and what area I lived in! yeap I was not into sports at all! cos after school ; i spend time in school with my friends; inside the computer lab. Do your home work dude. Now just cos I pissed you off; If i were you I would do my home work well; before I attack! now this guy who cliamed he knows me; daaa! i would give him 20 out of 100. Cos he knows where i am from, and knows that i have a sister and a brother and a mom and a dad. Smart guy ey?

Yeah! he is right I am a hacker? but does he know what a "hacker" means? nop! a hacker is also known as a computer programmer! thats the real term! yeah thats my job and what i do. So? and just cos i defaced and exposed some stuff related to there site does not mean; i what ever? Anyway shows that they are pissed again! and very pissed! but I have to admit again! I love the show.

Me play games? wow! man you suck! I mean not you! thats what i am told by my biddies; i am bad with games. And i never play much computer games! Why? cos i always loose! bad! only game i was into was Unreal; that was like 5 years back! Porn? ah ha! there u got me on that! i had a few shots of that! i have to confess on that! but screen savers? no freaking way! and the computer for my birthday? I wish! I got one; i still will complain about that! nop! I never got one until I was out of school! I only got my first computer when I finished off my O'Levels! So dude; why don't you read these and rewrite the whole thingy again! Maybe people might buy your story then! best of luck next time! And talk about friend? ah! find out! I always get complains from my parents that i always hang out with them! and yeah ; one point you say I am a looser and a lonely guy! next min you say I hang with KD group and do drugs! come on stick to one! Now i am confused too!


Anonymous said...


like it or not... chopey defaced that website. you cannot change that. accept it! everyone knows it too.. hahahahahh.. again.. hahahah.. and of all the people.. chopey got to do it.. buhahaha. balaa ennu hini galhaabala... a hacker or a partey or whatever.. he still defaced that website!!!!! !!!!! !!!! HAHAHA!!!

Gaanagaa said...

TM,FM,MM,KM,JM or whoever M you are. I know what youre thinking. Do me a favour. Check the mirror, and send me the colour pallet on your face.

Chopey: These guys dont have nothing in there lives. The only thing they gain is a "well done" from the pupetter/boss.
They wil do whatever they can to impress their bosses. They will even frame a friend just for that patting on the shoulder. Thats the only way they'll survive.

Who knows.... how many promotions they've gained with those rediculous junk gossips?? many collegues they threw out with those complains to the bosses???


Anonymous said...


Here is the best part. Since you gave the login to few of your friends online, after breaking in, I managed to get access logs. Yep thats right, I have them.

With the power of sed, awk and grep, it turns out to be the following IP's updating the website. One of which is static, which probably belongs to Polic or NSS (IPStar may be?). If anyone of you could hand me over the document that identifies the following static IP is theirs, BINGO. We can publish the logs along with this document. The benefit? Well if this IP turn out to be theirs (Police, NSS, goverment, PO, wtf, etc) one can make a court case against them... as there are "aburaa behumuge stuff" in the so called TM. People like Ibra and others would love to do so. muwahahah..

-- Static --

--Dynamic range--

Will the real TM please standup?

Kidrow said...

KD Group ?? Introduced Drugs ?? And Chopey Was a Senior Member ?? WTF .. give me break here . After all When u Know all this y Cant u Yel Out Your Name? wel.. may be you might be The One Who Introduced it for the first time .. Dho Partay ?? hehe..My Point Here is .. a hacker or a partey or whatever.. he still defaced that website!! la la laa!!

Anonymous said...

My God somebody is showing off the knowledge of sed and awk and grep. What next? WOAHH!! This sounds dangerous. Imagine the knowledge it would take to skim a list of addresses from a log file? Major breakthrough we have here guys. Hey anonymous, join us! WE BEND OVER TO YOU!! O MASTER OF SED/AWK/GREP!

ok ok i forgot, you are on our side. sorry.

anyway about the logs and those IP addresses, here is a step by step analysis:

here is a whois lookup of the static ip there

inetnum: -
netname: LLK-GW
descr: Shin Satellite Public Co. Ltd.
descr: Internet via Satellite provider
descr: Nonthaburi - 11000
descr: Thailand
country: TH
admin-c: KS240-AP
tech-c: JK316-AP
changed: 20021018
mnt-by: APNIC-HM
source: APNIC

person: Karin Sawing
address: 41/103, Rattanathibet Road,
address: Bangkasor, Nonthaburi - 11000
country: TH
phone: +66-2-593-4073
fax-no: +66-2-976-3015
nic-hdl: KS240-AP
changed: 20020509
source: APNIC

person: Jatinder Kumar
address: 41/103, Rattanathibet Road,
address: Bangkasor, Nonthaburi - 11000
country: TH
phone: +66-2-593-4073
fax-no: +66-2-976-3015
nic-hdl: JK316-AP
changed: 20020509
source: APNIC

I know it was useless to paste all that! the ip address is registered to Shin Sattelite, and the last mod was done by Thaicom.

Who uses Thaicom/Shin Sat in the Maldives? ROL's sattelite packages are Thaicom's, it is iPStar.

Who uses these? Get the list from Focus Infocom! Currently NSS and Police does use, and some resort islands.

Who uses that exact static IP address? Focus Infocom will know. Raise a logical case and create request to reveal the owner of the IP address. ISP policies say that this can be infact revealed in some cases. Time for social engineering?

Anonymous said...

Ok, we are now making some progress here.

To summarize:

FM and TM are being updated by a gang using an Ipstar package provided to them by Focus Infocom.

However, it would be difficult to make a legal case against them. Simply because, the log files on their sites were hacked into, illegal means, doesn't stand a chance in a court room.

BUT, if we can identify the people using these packages we get to know who updates the site, for real. We get to reveal those bastards.

So lets get on with it.

Trowa (fmr. NSS Pvt) said...

Lemme get this right- a group called KD? uh-uh- thats a fib. I've heard of Gaburu saharu, Bogey, Cheyney, dhanga'nday (western quadrangle 3rd floor, bends metal objects), Fala-Hassanu and Sha'd all are involved with gangs- but, so far, NO KD as any one can recall---

Wait- there might be just one dude tht i know of- he has a big ugly mole near his nose, face is like a pourous blowfish shell, and unfortunately too drunk one night, had laid a broad giving birth to a child who now works in NSS CIETS- or SEATS.

Either way- the only druggie/drunk/womanizing/hoarding egonomaniacal bastards in school that year were enlisted in NSS service, later got raped by Arab Sheikhs in Libya, and finally, rose to power all thanks to bitch-slapping gayye :D

If anyone's from KD group, i bet they'd be from that batch- not from chopey's generation-

YOU! NSS retards. We dont pay you with our tax money to write moronic dummkopf articles about Maldivian citizens- cant you spineless weasles every do something for the nation? Or has REVERIN been putting his meat up your cute li'l asses for so long that you're entirely incapacitated to make use of your frontal lobe?

(dont ask me how the rectal passage and the frontal lobe are related- but from how these guys act, its clear they use their part of their asses to think)!



grew among kd group said...

hey chops,

There are two names which come to my mind. One starting with H the other starting with M. As far as i know they both are buribovvaas in NSS.These are the only 2 that comes to my mind.Maybe u know who i am talking about_cant reveal full names_not sure_just a hinch.I always say beware of those who are closest to u. And to TM_suck each others dicks and u might realise who took drugs.

primary0 said...

so YOU are that KD Chopey my mother warned about. Man, got any new drugs on you?

Anonymous said...

OH MY GAWD you killed Kenny!! this is really something... I really enjoyed the KD Gang part.... buahahhaha... man... KD choppey.... balaaehnu...

since the dude who wrote that article knows so much about you.. i was a bit scared he might write about our firihenkulhi episodes!!!

but still KD choppey... :)

Kidrow said...

Grrrrrrrrrr.. KIHAAA BODU BALAAA EH THA!!!! . kon KD eh hayyyyy.. FM ministry F**K YOU!....Maumoon thilaa ves...KD my asss.. Arrr . sorry chops.. I Had to say this.. ;)

Bokuri said...

Hey KD gang bodugolaa,
Can you please tell me the site to register KD group hahaaaa..

kd ge bafaa said...

now now

dont get carried away. kd doesnt exist anymore. They all have cooled down. ;)lol

ishan said...

Maybe offtopic.

But could someone download this crap:

And see if it's a password logger or not.