Saturday, June 18, 2005


Fedora Core 4 is out and been a while.. had it downloaded today, will be burn'n CD's of em. So if anyone needs a copy let me know.

It's funny and amazing to know how many people go out on Friday evenings. I mean so many people on the roads. I was spending the day in doors and around 4:30 went out for a pack of Marlboro and was shocked. Where did all these people come from? Why are they hanging around the beach area? 40% of them are most likely not Maldivians. Are we in need of more parks and some means of entertainment to these people? I don't know. Cofe' shops, carnival which is a boring place, what else do we have? for sure kids need space. Now in male' we don't have that. But I really enjoy the morning hours on Fridays; mostly empty roads.

The sunny side of life ; Maldives

The funny side of life ; Male'


Anonymous said...

Softwath the script kiddie to the rescue!!!

mappu said...

chops i need a copy :)

chopey said...

Script Kiddie :: A person, normally someone who is not technologically sophisticated, who randomly seeks out a specific weakness over the Internet in order to gain root access to a system without really understanding what it is s/he is exploiting because the weakness was discovered by someone else. A script kiddie is not looking to target specific information or a specific company but rather uses knowledge of a vulnerability to scan the entire Internet for a victim that possesses that vulnerability.

Hope that helps who ever used the term! Well i know he/she is just pissed over the TM issue. For his/her information the "script" used was a browser called firefox. :P and nop no scanner was used. Please be known of terms you use, and openly fight if you are pissed, i am ready to face it.. prove your point! i have mine! so?

Gaanagaa said...

FC4 is not impressive. It fails to co-operate the Synaptic's touchpad on a laptop, firewire compatibility and lots more harware issues. Gnome is slower, OOo with a beta and so on.
SuSE 9.3 is the leader for 2005 with NO hardware probs on all 4 systems I installed, including the same laptop I tried FC4.

Mr Anonymous: Got a question for you.
Define: Script Kiddie.

Hint: Script kiddies dont shout behind the bush, someone needs SOME Knowledge to be one.

chopey said...

gaanaga: me on FC4 now; on a HP compaq nx7010; no isses thus far. And speed rocks. but too soon still to conclude. All hardware DETECTED!