Thursday, June 09, 2005

New found love :: Python

Now I know most people will disagree with me; but here goes. I've programmed in a lot of languages; just for the fun of it. But mostly sticked with VB and C. I've always read the ups and downs of scripting languages and the good side of Java. C is still at the top of the line. C# came and C# passed by; still did not hit me. Delphi was cool; but faded off. Dosbe loves Perl but it's as bulky as him; well more then that it's some 1000 pound dinosaur. It's good; get things done fast and easy... But.. There is a lot of butts to it. And smelly ones too. It's good for small scripts to get stuff done easily; and does a pretty good job too. But when you go for bigger applications; ah ah aa! I won't go for it. Only dosbe will understand his codes; no one else will have any idea of what goes on. Meaning it's hard to maintain these Perl stuff, and I won't touch anyone else's bulky Perl stuff. And for you to be a guru in Perl you need to have a good UNIX background. Yeah! Don't fight with me on this. It is true! You wanna fight? Ok! It was initially designed to be a replacement for the old scripting languages and ack and sed. This was designed to do sys admin stuff for sys admins. And now what has been build has been built on top of these. What ever. You got the point? If you did not; don't bother! But I would still say it's a powerful tool.

As for python; yamee! The codes are neat and it's like a sexy snake. Python is good tool to develop GUI based apps and well as console based stuff! Also the portability is damn good. Python is easy to learn and fast to develop application. This I liked about it. And together with the speed. Being usable to newbies is just a small part of python being good. Python allows layers of sophisticated abstractions to be built in concise, understandable ways. In my opinion, this is precisely what I require for "programming in the large": the ability to build layers of abstraction without losing track of the details. Java? Java does that too ey! Yeah true! But java is not open. Java is good; but there is so many down sides to it. I would say like Linux and other good *nix's. We have very good *nix like HP-UX; True64, OpenVMS and Solaris. All really good! But why Linux! I guess the same applies for Python.

I feel Python has a good future and a lot of applications will be ported and developed with python in days to come. Maybe I am trying to convince myself because I have an application to be developed using python; but that was my choice and I am happy that I get to choose it. So to conclude: Python ROX's

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Doomy said...

Yeah Python is very cool, I use it extensively in various shit now. If you use xchat, this is one cool way to hack up.

Also python is great for prototyping, if your making a new software tool, it would be easily to prototype it in python.