Tuesday, June 14, 2005

FM pissed over the deface of TM

What can I say? They are just pissed! What more can I say? :P

just a side note.. The thing is they do not realize they don't have a capable and a good team of people backing them up. As for TM; the guy who made the content management system sucks.. I mean it really SUCKS! Is that the best they can get? And for FM.. hmmm! Now these guys; I feel sorry for them; oh the work .. But end of the day; I hope it's paid for. The cartoonists are good; I have to admit on that hope they are well paid; they should be. If not guys fight for it; I mean it you guys do a good job. But I think they are badly in need to web developers. But who will do it? As of now they don't have anyone.. Hey why not the TM guys lend a hand on this ey. :D NEED HELP? hehehe I know the TM team badly needs help on security and development related help. hahahahah man o man! But I can't wait to see what changes they brought to it. I think they don't have much options. One: get rid of the DB and scripts. Two: close down the site. Three: get HELP!

So; who wants to try their luck on FM? ok? then here is a start
http://cerga.lunarpages.com:2082/login/ <-- this is the adim pannel (login for the web control pannel) of FM
now what? next hmmm! user name it's I think ... daaa factma2 :) and password? ask them! try your luck!

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