Monday, June 20, 2005

What? Why? When?

OK! We must have seen this around a bit;with a big "?" So what is it. Now this is my understanding of this "?"

Its really a "?" for the people who put that.. Meanings include: lost, confused, uncertain. I mean why else will someone change over night form the old blue and everything to the "new" red? Now that's really the question! Now in my terms it's called "spoofing"; trying hard to redirect traffic. This might work too; and good if it does; but its a joke too. Where did the creativity go?

If they are so confident and so happy with the brand why dump it like that? A sudden change of color won't change anything, it's more then that! It's way more then that! Maybe they expect others to react to this and change plans?, Nop! beeep! Wrong! I want to shoot a lot here; but for a reason beyond what I can explain, I won't. But it makes things better; this will be again a good show! Why? What? When? Where? Worse?

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