Friday, November 03, 2006

...And the headlines..

* Dogs and cats are sleeping together
* Pat Robertson simultaneously converts to Judaism and Islam.
* Osama gets laid, changes his mind about destroying world.
* Scientists discover smoking is good for you.
* Microsoft is supporting Suse Linux.

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Anonymous said...

Well, its pretty clear what MS is doin. they are usin good ol' Linux to destroy Linux.

but before anyone bash me for my anti-linux comments, take a deep look at this agreement. yeah, Novell does benefit as Novell gets a golden opportunity to de-throne and destroy Red Hat, but ain't that Linux destroyin Linux?? arent the current rivalry between Linux vendors enough?
apparently Novell doesnt think so

Good ol' Steve Ballmer makes yet another wise decision.

Anonymous said...

Here is a nice test carried out by eweek labs:-
Open Source Versus .Net Stacks,1895,1983365,00.asp

alinitkin said...

not sure where Osma getting laid comment fits in.
doesnt make much sense for someone who fathered (atleast) 24 children..(and probably has his own harem)


subcorpus said...

osama line is funny ...
alinitkin :: may be the this time it was a different girl ... :P