Saturday, November 18, 2006


OMG! read this Micro$oft CEO says Linux "uses our intellectual property". Come on Mr. Ballmer, have you run out of things to say? or were you addressing a bunch of stupid people?. I just can't understand why this guy would say that. I mean he is the CEO of Micro$oft. hmmm! maybe thats why he said so. If you really think about the facts, he does not make any sense. I don't get it at all. So did he mean Winbows and rest of M$ code was on the public domain and the OSS community just used the code into Linux? If we really think about the whole thing, its M$ who has been using other peoples intellectual property. Yes from the very start, they have had a history of steeling code. Starting from DOS. Now they wanna claim that Linux belongs to them? This really is a good joke.

Ok I can understand if they are talking of patent. Then its the totally different case. But if M$ tries to show to the rest of the world that Linux uses or copied M$ code, then that is hilarious. Linux was a multitasking and a network OS way before Winbows. Linux has always been far ahead of Winbows and still is.

Ok Ballmer, show us the stuff (code) which was taken off M$... and yeah PROVE it. I make a promise I'd take off Linux, off my System and switch to Winbows. From what I can see, M$ knows they have lost the war. Now they are just trying to be part of the OSS world and trying to change the history. Maybe they want to rewrite it as; when Gates was in University of Washington he started a project which later become "Linux". hmmm! or maybe "Binux". Might just be true. They are on the track now. Novell owns the rights to UNIX, and a key player of the Linux world, M$ is trying to buy over them now? (who knows).


Anonymous said...

MS & Bill Gates haters are generally from the so called “Open Source Camp”. You would tend to think that they would generally be made of good people who wish well for world. But every time I read the acute hypocrisy and jealousy portrayed the more I get turned off by this camp, not because the idea isn’t good but proponents are mostly fanatics and cult figures who only aim is to avenge the demise of their outdated systems but trying to pull down Microsoft.What ever you say MS isnt gonna go down surely soon (may be within 20 years of time things are gonna change).

chopey said...

I agree, and thats what I said too. Billy is gonna buy it all. As always, and trying hard. Thats the whole point here. As for the so called "Open Source Camp", I don't wanna comment on that, if you read up and have a look, u'd see how much contribution have been made. How things changed and improved. Its too big a list to talk about. But yeah, I agree with you.. M$ is here to stay (soon there will be M$ linux. And I guess they will even buy the UNIX name from Novell). So they'd own it all. Money can do wonders. I totally agree!

Anonymous said...

to Anonymous,
Take a Deep breath..listen to some music, and do some research before you bitch about things you have no idea about.
there is "Free Software" and there is "Open Source"..
and How can there be a Microsoft Linux?.is that a joke?.

chopey said...

the the whole point. its a bloody joke. tell that to the CEO of M$. Well anyone knows Linux is under GNU public license, so there is no way anyone can own it. Which is the reason for its success as well. But the whole point here being, M$ first tried to kill it or mock at it. Now they are joining it. That the whole point here. And in the process also partly trying to claim its their own (I am not saying this, the CEO of M$, read the post). Gandhi once said; "first they ignore you, then they joke at you, then they fight with you .. and then you win" :) make what ever you have to make out of that.

Anonymous said...

The fact is Novell doesnt care about FOSS philosophies..They just want to make a quick buck.

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. that's what Microsoft is trying to spread.Novell deal has created the impression, that both parties agreed that there are Microsoft copyright infringing code in Linux( which is true ).Instead of pointing out what violations there are, they are just plainly creating FUD.Microsoft has back stabbed many competitors who joined them for a quick buck. Here we plainly see that happening now.

jaa said...

Not everything is about "code" - Code is just one (arguably minor) part in computer science.

Ballmer could actually be right. He refers to intellectual property. Intellectual property covers a broad class: algorithms, protocols, codecs etc. These are stuff that are patentable and protected under copyright.

The Linux community most of the time either simply implements publicly available solutions or reverse engineers proprietary systems to slap up working systems based on others work. Microsoft is a heavy R&D company and has hundreds of innovations all registered and protected. If they really wanted to show where Linux community had trespassed, they certainly can!

chopey said...

well; i would not still totally agree on it. What he said was "Linux". He did not refer to the whole of OSS world. Yeah I agree to that, people might rip off stuff and rewrite them or even reverse engineer. There is so many of that out there. But Linux is not part of that. You can't refer to a mp3 player which comes with a Linux distribution as part of "Linux". Linux is the kernel. Most of the distributions are very careful on software it bundles with it. Like for example most distributions won't even have the codecs to play mp3's. Mainly cos of this "intellectual property" problems. This is just one example. And again Linux is the kernel. So did he mean that the core kernel has these "intellectual properties" of M$ in it? If so I guess he needs to point them out. I guess its M$ who has been ripping off he OSS world for year. As I said in one of my previous comments, there has been a lot of BSD code in windows 2000. Yeah M$ is an R&D company, but mostly they buy them off others or copy others, look at the new UI of Vista. Thats a simple example. Yeah the OLE was good, again if that was done by them. They just use others technology or concepts and give a new nice name. Like Active Directory or something, or dot NET. But I would have to agree they do have good products in the Office package.Yeah also they have contributed along side IBM and others in some technologies. Which is good. I think IBM deserves more credit when it comes to R&D, along side Sun.

Anonymous said...

I think you should now completely migrate to Winduuuuz
sad sad