Sunday, November 26, 2006

digg the dhivehi way?

I came across this web site (, I'd have to say this is something I really like. Maybe there is not much as of now, but might turn out good (I hope). What I would really like to see is a platform for IT guys to discuss and share stuff. Where people can openly ask questions, share the experiences, etc.

We have been very closed in terms of sharing the knowledge and knowhow. When IT started off in Maldives (back in late 80's and early 90's) not many were willing to share. It was very much a closed platform. Even people did not want to share the softwares they had or even explain how things work or are done ("complicated stuff, they told you"). This I guess really staled a lot during those days, and I guess we never developed enough as we should have. Even now simple things are made to look as big deals. Those days we use to have a gang of "foxpro" lovers; who competed among themselves for projects. Most of these people never evolved (most). I guess mostly the reason was there was not much knowledge sharing and R&D works. No one was really interested all, what mattered was making money out of what you just learned. Maybe this was good for the individuals. As a community I guess we did not benefit much from the pioneers of IT in Maldives. Maybe I might be wrong. I am sorry if I am being too general.

The closed source model as I would put it, is really bad for a community like us. We don't have good universities or even companies who do R&D work or even invest in technology. This I feel results in us being left behind compared to the rest of the world. Example; even if we look at Sir Lanka , they have got institutions, individuals and even communities who are doing so much contribution to technology. Sri Lanka have been contributing to projects like apache(which is the most famous web server) and other projects. Recently Google has given the Lanka Software Foundation USD 25,000 to drive open source software projects locally. So what can we do to improve? Well; I guess it all depends on individuals. Rather then us always telling "what are they doing about that". We hardly say "what can I do about this". Simple if you don't wanna be part of such contribution, just ignore such things (stop even commenting). One good starting point can be the schools. I guess the education system now "sucks"; even if you agree with me or not. Something that can be changed is to try and educate our kids more, lead them in the right directions. Now some kids finish school after doing Computing, without even writing a single line of a program. Its a problem with the system; they don't encourage such things at all. Even the teachers we bring in to teach these kids are not really good enough or have the knowledge. Anyway I don't think these things will change in a near future.

Even though this is the case, I am happy to say there is real talent in Maldives. Hardly people notice these kids and individuals. If anyone would identify these individuals and help them to improve and give them more opportunities, it would really make a difference. If people and companies would set aside the immediate commercial factors and invest on them, it sure would be a good contribution. Simple things like even a word of encouragement is a lot. Anyway I always hope to see a change. I am seeing things change and people developing. The best part of such developments is you get to share what you have learned and also learn from them.


TheDA said...

"I am happy to say there is real talent in Maldives"

the site uses a cms called pligg. i know because i also used to play around with it. you can get it here

chopey said...

Yeah I figured that too. The point is them implementing it and starting it off. Creates a good platform. using the engine is ok, its good. Building on top of it is even better. Thats the model we should follow. All and all its a good platform, thats my view.

Anonymous said...

right, and thats how we learn stuffs. theda why don't we create our own cms for our blogs?

seatouch said...

to theda ;

please dont be so worried about people using other softwares , projects on sourceforge are open source and are left to BE USED not to be said that its great its good and bla bla

to chopey ;

I guess the education system now "sucks"

yeah your right , i have experienced how it is taught in schools , it really sucks , we were never taught about any programming languages or any thing that can be used in practical life. what i was taught was all theory which i learned somewhat like what GIGO is and the laws for passing of information and more.

Right now i'm working hard to earn enough money to do my CCNA exam's. Sure hope that someone would be able to help me or people like me who want to increase our knowledge :)

Anonymous said...

theda doenst know the meaning of open source :)

so theda why dont you create something like that?

Anonymous said...

and yeah theda: make them with your specialty in tweaking stuff :P

TheDA said...

no no you guys misunderstood my point

ashraf said...

this may not be the appropriate place to say this but, has ALL potential with its pligg powered social layer. is not listening to the users, no proper search function, no history or back tracking, no community, no voting and especially no commenting! none of the 2.0 shit i say. so, why dont you do it? you already got user submitions, how about a syndicated section like mvblogs with all the goodness of pligg?? or steal a feature or two (blog claims, automated ranking, blah blah) from while you are at it! and then with the audience/users you will get plenty of ad selling opportunities.

shafiu said...

you guys all sux0r.
dhivehin r0x0r.
the rest fux0r.
enough of l33t talkx0r.

lol. camon guys, using opensource doesnt make you lame or weak. Not using it makes you a fool, coz you are re-inventing the fucking wheel.

Anonymous said...

look whois tryin to be so el33t!
it seems ashraf is comparing mvblogs and i dont know the purpose.

diabolicaldevil said...

Chopey: true the education system really sucks. About not writin a single line of a program: I remember Guys like seatouch doin the computer projects of others for money (he really did earn a lot from that!).

Ashraf: i cant agree with the part that u say that mvblogs doesnt listen to its users. They do listen, atleast to my ideas. But i would also say that the development is slow. But they are working on it. I believe its cos of their jobs. has nothing against them. We like the idea of mvblogs. Right now we are testin the syndicated section, we might put it up, til mvblogs updates. Other than that we will work on the development of pligg@dhivehin

Ph said...

let us all try to make good use of the however little facilities we have like mvblogs and I salute those behind these great projects.

eXpo said...

i agree with ph. we should try to appreciate it than challenge it how ever if you want them to make it better then by all means mail them. dont blabber out just suggest to them in a more approachable way. i think rocks and would rock more with the idea of having it searchable. but till then it rocks just fine as it is. :) cheers to the team