Monday, August 29, 2005

Coffee A Health Drink?

Today on Slashdot they have a post saying coffee a health drink? this sounded interesting to me, for obvious reasons. Here is the link to the real article.

What ever it is; true or false.. Coffee has become a health drink; mentally. Its good to have a coffee with a cigarette and maybe some friends. After a long days work; or during breaks. Kinda freshens you up. Besides what else do we have in male'. Maybe it's one of the few ways or the only way to socialize.


rxs said...

coffee anytime. to relax me, to soothe me, to comfort me.
Coffee anytime. Coffee make me.

Squid said...

nicotine and caffeine!! when did i have my last lecture from someone on those 2.. last week at IGMH!

i agree with you chopey, basicallly mixing those 2 and taking a dose is the only way of socializing here,

anyway, im trying to cut down on both, got caffeine mints now, anyone got nicotine gum?

Mary-Jo said...

Coffee healthy? Err I've my doubts.

"Smoking a cigarette while drinking a cup of coffee may damage your heart more than either vice alone, according to a new study published in the 2 November 2004 edition of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology."

[Taken from:]

rxs said...

mary-jo: "daah" (as chopey says)! have a look at another website!

All coffee myths answered!>