Monday, August 15, 2005


"See right through the red, white and blue disguise
With lecture, I puncture the structure of lies
Installed in our minds and attepting
To hold us back" -Rage Against the Machine-

After a year again; the same old day. Maybe not the same way; but more or less the same message. Also the same gang of people; the public; the army; the police; the mob force (lead by a long hair guy and a comedian); and the media. The game goes on, but the same game, nothing changed! Plant some people; blame the innocents, bleed the poor. Who is to blame? MDP? Maumoon? Us the public? NSS? Police? Or Yoosey and gang?

Biggest Question? Who is suffering and have been suffering? Some people get the best of everything; where else still people are homeless after tsunami and so many people get less then 2USD per day, in a county where average rent of a one room apartment is 400 USD. Still people can buy drugs like they can buy bread or even easy. .. I can't say more... Only reminds me of a song which goes like.. "What else can I write, I don't have the right"? Yeah! I am pissed and angry the way things are. And I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE!


rxs said...

u said it. its a sadly pitifully aweful situation

Anonymous said...

There is one thing Maumoon promised that he actually fulfills. And that is stability.

Maldives has been a firm and stable nation under Gayoom, from what I saw MDP offer... this stabilit might not exist anymore.

I support the fundemental idea that MDP has, but it comes with the cost of stability and the majority of Maldivians would not go for that.

That is the reason why Gayoom gets voted 90%+ all the time.

murder part time worker full time gamer said...

dude ur becomeing soft with ur singing and merry making...toughen up braw!!!

u used to be king but now ur more like the muse :P

keep up the musical work