Thursday, August 25, 2005

Man's best friend : A MACHINE!

Guess today was one of those days; when you wake up and feel: "damn it's good to be alive"!. Kinda getting into the bad habit of waking up early and sleeping early. For me this is not good; but I guess I am in the ring now. I know my parents will be happy; and it's the so called "the harudhanaa" way of life: part of it. I don't know how many rules are in it. Anyway I need to start something; now it's just work; eat and sleep. But today just as I walked out of my door; I realized something. Funny feeling; but something was missing for long. My PC. After the tsunami, I have not fixed it; and my monitor, I don't even know where it is.

I did not have the need for one at home for long. Mostly I am not even home. I've got a notebook which belong to the company I work for; but it's different. To have your own system is something else. I can crash it any time I want. Install anything I want. Do my own work. Now I can't do all that.

So I've decided to fix the old machine; buy one more and also get a mac. I've got something in mind that I wanna try out. Since now I have time for extra things, I guess getting back to developing stupid tools and toys will be far better then sleeping.


Simon said...

Errm...isn't the monitor with me?

rxs said...

and isnt the motherboard is supporting your frdige to stay functioning?