Sunday, August 28, 2005

Desktops and *nix

Been a while since I played with my Desktop. I've been having using GNOME for long now. Enlightenment is still something that I fancy and love; but GNOME is stable and cool. Simple too. Though I know a lot of you will say KDE is better; but this is an endless war. As for Window Managers I guess it depends on what you are looking for and what you are comfortable with. KDE is good; speed wise I guess it's faster then GNOME and QT library has improved over the years.

I've tested t E17 the new DR17; as always it's fun and fancy. My first experience with E was back in 1997 since then E has come a long way.

my current desktop on GNOME (yeah i fancy OSX themes)

old enlightenment screen shot: (This was what I fell for, this is how it looked back in 1997)

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Anonymous said...

Not to rain in on your li'l desktop parade :D
to tells ya, its always fun to play with desktops and tweak them to your liking- it just sickens me though, when people try to talking you into accepting that their preferred choice of DE/WM is better than mine... so as far as KDE being better than Gnome being superior to e17 is all just baloney...

Try all there's out there, and pick one for ur liking is my word on it, if i had anything to say about it.

As for meself, being a minimalist i had no choice but to settle down for fluxbox - clean, sleek, no bothersome mac-OSX-wanna-be widgets- on top of all fast as lightening ;)

here it is: