Tuesday, August 30, 2005


I have been really pissed off trying to explain things to people who claim to be technical but think in terms of a system user. Most systems example telecom equipment now 80% or more just IT stuff. Servers swiches and software plus the radios. The back end is just routing, applications and databases.

Most of the people who maintain them; are "telecom engineers". daa!?! That's what they claim to be. They give names to services like ABCD or XYZ which when you simply break down is a router or simply a web server or a service. When you tell them or request for a change on the system: simple answer is "NO!". Why cos it's not in the specification or they don't know if its possible. And then you tell them that this can be possible; they don't like it. Or simply you are just another crazy "IT" guys. What will you know about telecom stuff. Yeah true to some level. But we do know a bit about routing and databases. It's not magic!

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