Monday, December 05, 2005

Dear Mr. Jabir

With reference to the post below ; on the balaabodu. It seems we are exposed now. Sorry I did not give the money to primary0. Sigey is happy with the 10K he got. I think the 20K was not enough and the site is backup again! So now that they know you paid me 30K! LOL this has got very dangerous!

Also the site is back up again! So we need to do something about it! Lets bring it down again. This time the charges will be doubled! and the next time the charges will be tripled, and so forth. I am sure we can STOP them someday! hehehe!

Anyone else who needs a hacker for Rent please do mail me (but make sure you have 30K for a start)! LOL

Also according to balaabodu the latest technology is to DOSS a site! WOW ey!

Note: This is the most fun thing I ever been accused of. And I am enjoying this. Also in the process I am hoping that I will make good connections with Mr. Jabir and might get to go to his resort on week ends. Well Mr. Jabir what do you think? Can I? Can I? Please?


Kidrow said...

Bank ah dhanee kaaku mifaharu?

primary0 said...

erm. im going to yatch tours tonight.. some small project. really, i am.

sigey said...

guys guys... we are still friends ey?

Even our share wasnt shared the most sensible way, we are friends right? ;)

talk about re-hacks - and do i wanna re-hack.

hmmm Forbidden hacks wow!!