Monday, December 12, 2005

Time for the big break

We have been having a good year; I’d say 2005 was one of the best years so far. Things have been smooth and I had fun and good times. Learned so much; achieved most of my goals. This year I would consider to be a year of experience and learning. Getting to know new people; learning new things and experimenting and most of all got to know the real dark side of life. Things which should be digested, not ignored. Learning to fight back, and stand up and ignoring bull shit! Don’t let those get in your way. Drive and feel the wind, who cares; as long as you enjoy the ride. Let the cars hiss by and horn! Even if they spray water at you; at that speed you’d dry up in no time.

I am off in a few days for my annual leave. I guess I’d have a good new year celebration . We did plan for a trip; all those fun party nights. Sad thing is not all got to join the trip. Some of my friends will join me and we plan to have a good time. I am really looking forward for the year end break. End of so much and I hope start of better things. truly a journey of self experience.


Anonymous said...

hey chopey i supputer that.. hehe

SSH said...

Thats right... You better take a break and overhaul your body!!!

faraz said...

hey chops.. i can't go this time. can i join you during april ?