Friday, December 02, 2005

Symbian and Thaana : Work in progress

Maybe a joke; but I still am into Thaana even when it comes to phones. Been trying to implement it on a phone. Starting with SMS. I've got the usual NOKIA 6600 phone which comes with Symbian OS. It already supports sms in languages like Arabic and Hebrew. Why not Thaana? After I experimented around. I found out by default it comes with a unicode font. Unfortunately; no Thaana code pages. So the next option was to upload a font which got thaana in it and make it the system default font for the phone. After some reading up, I am able to get a font installed; but still I can' get it to display Thaana correctly. On the symbian the fonts are not vector based but bitmaps. So It won't be that hard.

Next is to come up with a way to write and send sms through the phone. Right now I am doing that through the PC through bluetooth. The approach I am planning to take is to develop python scripts for this function. I still have no idea how the UI can be like. But hope to get this done; with in the next week. Anyone interested to join?


diabolicaldevil said...

this is gonna be cool :D
if u want i can help u beta test
i got a nokia 7610

yaie said...

So... Hows this work going on... I'm interested to join you in this sofwath.

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