Tuesday, December 20, 2005

One PC two users?

Well; its nothing new multiuser and multitasking, bla bla stuff. We all have seen and experienced it but this is something new for me and thought worth a look at. The concept is to have two users using single PC at the same time. Not at a server level; or remotely connected, but simply using two different desktop environments and applications, etc on one PC. This has been done at various levels using various methods; but this one seem to be cheap and fun.

So if at home; or office you need to share a machine,now all you need is a dual-head video card and an extra USB keyboard and mouse. This is done using a software called Desktop Multiplier and runs on the Linux OS. If the PC is powerful enough it can even support more then 2. Extra hardware needed will be USB hubs or PCI cards.

This will be real good application to be used at a place like a school or at a cyber cafe'.

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