Sunday, December 04, 2005

x0780 range test

Here is the first script to test the thaana with Symbian using Python.

from appuifw import *

def tha_input():
first_list = [' '.join(thaa_char[i:i+11]) for i in range(0,50,11)]
y = popup_menu(first_list, u'select Thaana char')
if y is not None:
x = popup_menu(thaa_char[11*y:11*(y+1)], u'select Thaana char')
if x is not None:
t.add(thaa_char[11*y + x])

thaa_char = [unichr(0x0780+i) for i in range(50)] # 50 thaana chars

app.body = t = Text() = [(u'thaana', tha_input), (u'clear screen', t.clear)]

# wait for user to exit program
import e32
lock = e32.Ao_lock()

1 comment:

jaa said...

kewl stuff! gotta try this sometime...