Monday, December 05, 2005

"little knowledge is dangerous" ?!?

Ok! I got a call from primary0 a while back; and has explained me this story behind the DOSS. The real story behind this is that; they have accused me, primary0 and sigey of DOSS'n their site. So obviously we will look into the matter.

primary0 has told me that he found logs of my ip going to Ok next question is why? here is the explanation. I was asked by a friend to download all the pics on the forum. After all that's the reason why everyone seems to join the site. So after a quick look into. I figured out that the pics were hosted in a folder on the site. So I simply did a wget for the .jpg files.

wget -m -r -l1 --no-parent -A.jpg

that was the command. Simply what this will do is connect to the site; and download the files with the extension .jpg. When run this. It will go through the dir and download all files. Next time its run; it will do the same; but will not download the files which is already in my HDD. So basically its a kinda mirror thingy which happens for the pics.

This these guys has considered as a "hacking attempt"; come on its good to be paranoid but this is way too much. They don't know the difference between a DOSS attacking and someone connecting and downloading pics. Besides they had this folder open. And it was for public; so I don't see anything wrong. What's the big deal. This is very simple. It does not do anything harmful but just download pics. Don't they want people to download pics? Ok if they say yes! Ok I admit I did it! But is this such a big deal?

I think what really happended is the timing. Seems these guys has offended Business man like Jabir and gov officials like Mr.FJ. So obviously they will try to attack them as well. My guess is they bought off the hosting service during the same period of time when I did the download. So its not nice to say someone bought off their hosting; it looks much cool, to say he ISP guys hacked into them! That's the real explanation behind what really happen'd. But I am sure they know this by now, but they just don't want to accept it since they have gone this far. Also its not so cool to admit that Jabir really messed them up. But I am sure if Jabir and FJ did this; they will be really laugh'n their ass off now. Cos these guys did not even know what hit them, and they are running after us.


Anonymous said...

I guess there ARE two sides to a tale (
money could not buy DO, so why the hosting company of
). If you want to spin a tale make sure you acknowledge the yarn that is already there.

By the way, if you are so innocent in all this, why get so fired up? And for heaven's sake, try to do us readers some justice and let us know who's behind all this!

Anonymous said...

One more thing, when you say 'after us', how do you mean that (especially the 'after' bit)?

Balaabodu said...

dude. take a pill and chill! look.. i dont even see ur picture nor a comment about you in the website YET!!! so wtf is wrong wit u? wats bothering u so much? guess u really want to get involve in this shit.. it has only pictures of primary0. NOT yours! so just shut da fuck up if u dont wana get involved.
Ps : guess Sigey is on da safe side. (he aint got a mother fuckin mouth like u for sure)

Anonymous said...

hi dosbe. still a kid inside?

n00best said...

Balaabodu, Balaakuda, FJ, Jabir, fuck,
Get a life guys. Get a dog, Go and screw something.
Balaabodu its called DDoS, not DOSS or anyshit.
waaahahahha, Cant stop laffing.