Sunday, January 29, 2006

Anti-drug show?

Tonight I while coming back home; I called a friend, he said he was at a cafe'. So I go there and there was this music show which was going on. Seem to be an anti-drug show. WoW! That's good thing. They should do this more often. shoud they? I mean I don't mind and have no problem with shows, but for me its just a big joke.

I have seen these kinda shows for like more then 10 years now. I have been also involved in some at some level, or known people who are. The funny part is everyone! I mean everyone refers to it as "drug show". I don't know if they mean it or now. Also I might be wrong here, but half of the guys who play music are high on some sort of drug or maybe on weed. Not to mention the crowd. Good work guys! As my friend was telling me some 2 days back, if one would write a letter to the authorities saying I want to import heroin for a anti-drug awareness program and show it off and all, they would say; Yeah go on do it. You wanna have a DJ call it an anti-drug DJ and its permitted. By the way I think DJ's are not such a bad idea. People should get more of that sort of entertainment. Not just coffee houses. What do you expect? They will just take coffee and smoke a ciggy and stop there (or maybe go to some anti-drug show). People and kids of today need more then that guys. You can't stop them, unless you think like them.

I know a lot of people will be against my way of thinking, but this is just my view. People should be made aware of what is what, and the effects and everything about them. Not just slogans say'n "say no to drugs".What does that mean? Nothing. What do u call drugs? Which is which?


jaa said...

Exactly dude.. cant agree with you more! This is a total joke :S

The shows have nothing to do with drug awareness, its all a pathetic excuse for another show. Just another means to spend or earn money, or so it seems eh?

Speaking of the chemical effects, or better yet showing the effects and modes of operation of the hard drugs floating around in the Maldives would do much more awareness than stoned musicians wailing out...

Anonymous said...

Music and mind altering substances love each other and are joined at the hip like Siamese twins.
Most of the musicians are stoned on stage (very normal) and quite a few in the audience take drugs to enhance their musical experience.
Throughout the world music has always been associated with alcohol and drugs from time immemorial.
So why an anti-drug show?
What happens is that the organizers can whack the donors money because when they set up the stage, most musicians are happy to get a chance to play on stage as this is usually not possible. So they play free. And the organizers can take the money home. Donors are happy something is being done.
Wake up musicians. Demand to be paid and you will find they will move to Bashi or some other gimmick.
Yes. Another joke Made in Maldives.

Anonymous said...

Music and mid altering substances are joined at the hip like siamese twins.
The guys on stage are stoned and quite a few in the audience are high on something to enhance their musical experience.
There are no songs asking to stop drug use. Instead there are so many songs celebrating drug use.
The organizers just want the money. So make a stage and most musicians will play free - its not everyday that they get a chance to play onstage.
If the musicians demand to be paid, you will find they will move on to something else.
Its another joke. another ripoff. Made in Maldives