Thursday, January 19, 2006

digg vs Slashdot

Yeah; even before I start off, they both work in different styles. Totally agreed. I have been visiting Slashdot daily for my news. Its been like that for over 5 years now. Slashdot is also set has my default web site on my browser. Digg has been around for a while, I use to visit it once in a while, but lately Digg has taken over slashdot on my browser. I think digg is far better then slash in terms of news. Example there is this news about Korean police and army robots, I read that 2 days back at digg, just only today hit slashdot. So this does not make it better then slashdot, well no. I also read about this first mid last year on about plans for this project, maybe on slash. But this is my view, I follow both and I think digg is more up to date then slashdot. But slashdot got amazing comments and members. There is humor and a lot of informative content on it, that's the plus point.

Who knows it might turn out to be another yahoo and google kinda thing. There was yahoo and now there is google. There still is yahoo. bla bla bla.

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primary0 said...

yap nothing beats slashdot's discussions. most of the time the very people talked about in the articles themselves are there commenting on slashdot, and they aren't new teenagish techtv fans, but ppl real from the fields (professors scientists mechanics politicians blah etc).. thats the only reason i visit slashdot. as for as the news stories, digg is much better.