Friday, January 06, 2006

Influenza or the Common Cold?

aaaachooo! bang! bang! ? ! I don't know how I got this thing, the doc I saw today said it was an upper respiratory tract infection. I guess she ment it was more a common cold, with all due respect to her, I don't think I am going through that. I mean freaking things been after me for almost a week now. I can hardly talk! and yeah I simply can't talk. This morning when I walked in to the office, met an old buddy and tried to talk for the first time today. The f**king voice simply won't come out. Now this is starting to bug me! Come on!

So I am stuck at home with the TV. The news networks are very good! :) My parents called up asked about some shit on the net AGAIN on FM about me, and some other issues. Well what more can I say ? daaa! I simply told my dad; "nothing new". Who cares. I mean some people just want me to dance to the drum beats they play! ah aah! that an't gonna happen baby! no way!. Anyway I think I got better stuff to do and enjoy then to answer to stupid questions and so called "gas games". Plus most DOGS do bark, but was a bit disappointed cos other innocent people are being dragged into this shit.

woof! woof! aaachoo! hehehe! anyway please someone find a cure for this! help! bang! bang! goes my chest! I can't even F**KING smoke. Imagine that!


primary0 said...

bang achoo bark! fuck! i got this cold myself LAST YEAR and i am still suffering. maybe i have AIDS or something. who cares. feels like there is a ball of grease down my throat.

Shanu said...

achoo!sniff sniff cough cough.. got the cold as well..:)

do plenty of steaming with menthol 2 to 3 times a day if u arnt already doing it..and take plenty of strepsils and vitamin C .. eat oragnes and drink plenty of fluids..seems to be working for me.. its always better to avoid an antibiotic..and other complex medicine eh :)

Anonymous said...

cough!cough!khm.khm. chooo...chooo.choooo..sniff sniff...sniff..Its cold season.. after the new year..:( bless me..