Sunday, January 15, 2006

The ship island

I was reading a while back and saw this post. Which lead me to this page. Its an interesting one, about a man who build an eco space creating ship, sort of like an island. The guy has a good point in it besides the work he did. If its an island you can't own it. Even in Maldives. The gov will claim it; or some times won't even let you create one.Even though Umar Zahir and Some others made it. I live in a man made island now; hulhumale'. The gov will make good money out of this place and is a good place to live too. Anyway point I wanna bring is, what if this kinda thing is done here in Maldives. We have safari boats, where tourists can come and stay. Its hard to get a resort island these days, funny policies they have. The highest bidder always gets it, so you need money, loads of em. And some times it won't even be worth it. I don't know, maybe the experts in this area will know better.

It is a cool thing if someone really tried these kinda things in Maldives, a floating island concept. You can have a house or even many rooms like in resort islands, etc. Or just live there. Have it off hulhumale'. You have a ferry every 30 mins to Male'. Keep it docketed in the hulhumale' lagoon or even in far away lagoon. Anyway just a crazy thought.

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Sad that you heard about it today :)