Friday, January 06, 2006


I did a bit of a thinking and realized games is addictive. hehehe! yeah! "thinking". Anyway this time I was kinda shocked to see and realize how much people are addicted to slot machines. I was in a casino with some of the guys; and it was amazing how much time and money people spend on these games.

Being there; I gave it a try as well. First round was a big blow, lost about 5 USD. Which is ok, and good. Second round with the same amount some how I got close to a 300. This was pure luck I would say. I did give a few more tries like 5 times but it was just a waste. But keep aside the slot machines, even though you loose money a game of black jack is not a bad idea once a year.

Hmmm! woof! woof! grrrrrr! :)


Inash said...

Ah! It's more serene to here these kinds of things from you. The Las Vegas Chopey. Yeah!!!

primary0 said...

I tried once. Me and my partey, the one and only Falakal (he who spends his food money on gambling and gets to eat only if he wins) I spent 5 ringits and won 25 ringits. Sweet luck. A month later, cops raided the darn place. It was an illegal game place... grr grr bark meow!!