Friday, January 13, 2006


So what was NeXT ? Well Mac OS X :) I am thinking of switching to Apple for my desktop needs (been way too long), so was just thinking and reading a bit. If its a worth move to make? Well for the last few years now my desktop runs on Linux, I get almost everything I need to get done on Linux. I don't play games. So no need of Windows. I don't do graphics so not much need to all those fancy s/w. If I needed gimp is always there. For word processing and other office work, I use OpenOffice. As an email client I use evolution. For a browser firefox. vim is my choice of editor. So everything is there. Ah and I use GNOME and a Mac OS X theme. Kinda used to it and like it as well.

So why switch? Just wanna give it a try and see. I thought about it and I think Mac OS will be a far better choice in terms of a desktop machine. OS X is far better then X and GNOME combined. All the needed applications are there. Besides that its based on unix. So I'd have the console if I needed it. I always have a Linux box under my table, so can always work on it remotely. So thats it.

As for Mac OS X. Its the next level of NeXT after apple computers bought NeXT, which was based on UNIX and with the famous GUI. A lot of Window managers were clones of NeXT like the afterstep and window maker. Its also worth to note that the worlds first web page was hosted on NeXT as well.


primary0 said...

obviously windows is out of the question here (and vista will need a cray to run). so if you compare linux and macos on desktop level im sure macos is far ahead. but does darwin give the flexibility of linux when u want to play with things behind the gui? hmmm. i think a switch to mac a is good idea. for some reason i switched my mails to thunderbird and gave up on evolution. honestly i think evolution is much better but now i dont want switch back because thunderbird has been so lightweight and well, ive got used to it now.

kambalhi said...

The question is if the thunderbird was a plant-eater or a meat-eater. - National Geographic

primary0 said...

probly meat eater, coz it is related to godzi.. err mozilla.

Anonymous said...

BeOS rulez...check out Zeta..bloody frikkin awesome

lets all dump windows..move to mac, linux...anything other than windows