Monday, May 01, 2006

Work in progress

Today, the week started off with a Monday. Seems yesterday was celebrated as the day Maldives converted to Islam? hmmm! When? Who? daa? No one really knows what happened, but still we know the date; cool ey? Anyway, not my problem. Why should I even complain cos I had 3 days off.

Finally I got what I have been working on for the last one week done. I liked the project, and I think end of it was just the start of another major work. The thing I like about these kinds of projects is that it does not involve dealing with DB's. No forms; or fancy looking web pages. Just good old plan backend processes, and cross platform connectivity. A nice java front end, that can run on anything; from a web browser to a mobile phone, backends with Perl and python. Next a combination of GNU tools; running on Linux. This is far more exciting for me then digging into SQL and playing with style sheets. Anyway I am looking forward to the next level of this work; I think I'd really celebrate once this one is done.

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Adam Moses said...

Although we mark the day and year, I believe these are arbitrary dates. Although we mark the year as 1153, many islands continued to live as buddhists for long afterwards.
All the old history is being thrown out as fabricated as new evidence is revealing more...