Wednesday, May 17, 2006

gedit on drugs

Been working on this dhivehification for gnome for the last few days. Mostly experimenting. Finally I think I now know how to setup a working model and a path. Meaning what is needed and how to go about this.

Today I was able to transform the GUI to have the widgets mirrored so that we would have the RTL looks, etc.. The screen shot posted here is using a po file I edited for gedit for thaana and Hebrew gtk20 mo file. This file is responsible for the RTL stuff on the widgets, tool bars,menus etc. I have not started work on our own version of this file yet. Also the dv_MV file bug issues are still pending. Good news again is we are moving, progress day by day. What is lacking is man power as of now. It would really help if others took interest and joined? aaah, in anycase lets see how things go. I like to be optimistic what ever anyone has to say about these kinds of work; what the hell its fun anyway.


Bandey said...

excellent... id sure help if i knew anything about linux coding.. thats an excellent, excellent project you guys doing

Gaanagaa said...

Good luck with your PO files. Its really a challenge to locale stuff. Ive been working on a similar project for few weeks. Will let you know soon.