Friday, May 05, 2006

Wi-Fi and Linux

Well; one area where Linux is really bad is support for Wi-Fi cards. There just have not been good support for this in Linux so far. I don't think we have native support for this in the kernel (yet). I tried to get mine working but it always gave me issues, and finally I did not want to waste enough time trying to fix it. I hope this will be fixed soon. I guess this is one the way. There have been few good developments on the Wi-Fi support for Linux lately.


Intuxicator said...

I think not, wait a min...I know not. It depends a lot on the firmware and ISP isnt it?

Either way, if by any chance you get around to building your own kernel, do check under the WAN tree of menuconfig- you'll be surprised at the legacy support as well as support for more recent Wi-Fi NICs on Linux

Inash said...

Upcoming version of Ubuntu linux has excellent support for WiFi. Plus there is a project (i have forgetten now) which is a kernel module of WiFi support. Boasts support for a wide variety of WiFi hardware.

Gaanagaa said...

OpenSuSE did the WiFi for me. I simply selected the hotspot. In someways much easier than Windows.
YaST config gave me a lot of options. It was an IBM r50e, and a friend of mine is using OpenSUSE on an HP and said its WiFi is awesome.