Thursday, May 11, 2006

vision 2020

here is mine: when all CEO's of all major companies of Maldives will be orin. all ministers will be orin and we have to pay our rents to orin too. We will go to ori land and serve as maids and labors and get paid 110 USD. when our national anthem will be sung in ori bas. we will teach in ori medium. all ladies will wear ori saalhi. our names will have the initials fanando, etc. all maldivians will smell like orin.

Thanks to the people who are making this a reality now. who are working so hard to make this a reality. long live ori'n

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M said...

It's a global village now. And the immigration gates of Maldives has been opened for whatever reason. It may never be closed. While your sentiments may be justifiable under the circumstances that you are put in, your very concept is also sprouted from the xenophobia we are preconditioned to, as its other side of the coin.