Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Not knowing is better

Some things are better left unknown. When you get involved with some things and you find out how people plan; it gets into you. Makes you wonder about what they do, and some times why they don't do things. You wish you can change that, but better not. Its not your business and if you peek in, you become part of the loop. I encountered such an event today, and I so much wished I was not there at all. I wish I did not hear what I heard and knew.

Its much better to be left in a corner; with a box to play with and a good internet connection. That is the best thing you can ask for. Read; learn and try. Nothing like R&D jobs. I just heard this statement "Just remember, no to everything". This came from some people across the room, just before they left for a meeting. Now that's something I learned some times back; guess I am not the only one. But to be honest, I don't even want to be the one who will have to say "yes" or even "no". I think I am more happy to choose what I like to do and do it. Dump anything I don't wanna get involved with. I'd rather not know all the crap and feel helpless and frustrated cos I got to know something. Its not my job, so why should I even care? But still it gets into you. I repeat ; it makes you wonder how some people "think"! daaa! err! err! Core dumb! End.

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M said...

If we could choose the path we take in our lives, we be much happier people. Could be possible if each of us had a dedicated dimension in the multiverse where our will be done.

But as far as ignorance is bliss, there would be no core dumps...only memory leaks.