Wednesday, May 10, 2006


This is a common case at work environments. No longer the sys admins are stupid. They can monitor and block all most all traffic in and out of the network. Well; hmm! Even if they are not smart enough, now we have very cool software's (farewells) that can do it. But does this stop you from going in and out? Well to some level yes and no.

ok, here is one case. Lets say; like in my case irc is blocked. hmmm! easy ey change port? No its not just port blocking. In my case its blocked at the protocol level. the firewall filters all traffic and looks for any irc stuff. this makes it impossible for you to get in even using a BNC. so now what? here is one solution.

if you have a shell account else where, then this is no hard job. Maybe you can ask a friend to give you one. anyway, here is what I did

ssh -L -l user

where is where you have a shell account access. once you do this, you'd be asked for the password and now you are having an established connection. now what's next? Simply run xchat and type /server localhost. so what's the point? well on a shell too you have things like BitchX; but not a GUI client running locally. thats it. enjoy.

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