Sunday, May 14, 2006

Language names in translation status pages

Today we got the following mail; which really made me happy.

Hi Carlos,

can you please add the following language names to the translation status pages:

dv Divehi
gn Guarani
zh_HK Chinese (Hong Kong)

This means we are officially added to the gnome translation project . Inn and I are now involved, but we hope to get as many helping hands we can get. First thing I think was to correct the name from Divehi to Dhivehi. I think the reason for this mistake is cos its listed as Divehi at ISO 639 registration authority. So I have already requested this to be changed.

As i have posted in my previous post nothing can be moved before we create the locale, so first thing is first. Also inn has setup a mailing list and the MLUG web site back up. So if anyone is interested please sign in to the list. We hope to make this a platform for us to communicate.


g0dchild said...

Yeah, i remember being asked about the 639.2 code issue- I wonder when the problem originated?

Careless development efforts a Redmond?

Obviously this had been done when thaana was localized for XP, am i correct?

M said...

I think "Divehi" was decided as the name by the government authorities and is not a Redmond bug.

Also, the way we spell Dhivehi is based on our understanding of Latin, and may not coincide with the international standards. However, while dhivehi gets spelt as "Divehi" they go ahead and spell thaana as "Thaana". So I guess consistency was not taken into account on this.