Thursday, January 20, 2005

Eid Gift

Yeah why not? I mean if people think about Christmas gifts, why not eid gift. Just kidding. Anyway what if it was the case? What will I wish for today? hmmm!
An Apple Mac Mini
Its the new thingy by apple(some fruit company) after the iMac and the iPod. The Mac Mini has been the talk of a lot of people now. This thingy only costs $499. So what is it. It's a computer, but it's what they call a "BYODKM" (bring your own display, keyboard and mouse) kinda computer.

The Mac Mini and an iPod

So what can I do with it? hmmm! I still don't know. I am not a Mac guy so far. But I have always admired mac's. Maybe this is my big chance to own one. What can you do? ah haa! If you are not so poor like me and even own a car. Then you can even use this to convert your car to a car like the "Knight rider"; the famous 80's TV show. Remember KITT; the onboad computer on the car? . With a Mac mini ; your car can be a good brain for your car. Which can talk and accept voice commands.

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Penny-a-thought said...

My mouth is watery-

Simply amazing- and wouldnt mind having several of those :D