Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Hibaru (alpha)

ހިބަރު / Hibaru : swordfish in Dhivehi. In this case its not about fishing or diving. naaa! not even the movie swordfish. So? daaaa! don't joke, but it was the name I decided to give for a small scripting language i did for a project. So whats new? the thing is it was done back in 2002 or late 2001. And .. the language is based on thaana. Means you write the scripts in thaana itself. Whats the use? just for fun! I was going through my old backups and saw it, so thought i'd post about it!

What can it do? Simple things! hey it can do small mathematical "number" guessing games! It can do all the basic things like; compression, repetition, etc.. How does it look like? Well; nothing special again! But looks funny when u write in thaana.

This proto type was done using VB6 and yeah yeah! it was for windows.. but i am working on a port for c#. again the project is stalled! too lazy. Anyway here is a basic feel of it!

ހަދާ ހ
ކުރޭނަމަ (ހ) > ("5")
ހ = ހ + "1"
ދައްކާފޮޟި (ހ)

Here you will see that this prototype can assign/create vales to a variable (var h; h=h+1), can do small calculations like addition (h=h+1). Also it can do compression, repetition(loop). The script/program counts from 1 to 5 in this case;.

Click the image to zoom
And another screen shot. In this example ; it does a compression and displays the result based on it.

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Anonymous said...

This has to be the most useless project ever conceived by even a lazy programmer. Also, you meant "comparison" and not "compression", right? For a minute you had me there.

chopey said...
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chopey said...

it was done for the kick of it; not for the money value; or anyother use. Yeaps it's a useless project; thats what i have said as well; it was done for "fun". I think it's very clearly said. And yeaps sorry for the spell'n; thanks for point'n that out!