Thursday, January 20, 2005

RE: Dhivehinet Hacker!

Guys this is a funny one. I was just browsing through the maldivian blogs when i came across this one Truth Hurts!--Realism Ahead..:who cares? by someone named Ismail Shaukath. This blog had a post titled Dhivehinet hacker reveals First time the hacking and... a link to this blog; who claims and titled The Day I Hacked Into Dhivehinet so.. I read through and found out this was such a big bluff and more this was a modified copy of this document. The html version is here. This was so much fun.

A pic of the blog (dhivehinet hacker) hehehe LOL

So whats the story! I believe this so "famous" hack was done by some Brazilian kids who were just having fun. Out of the two known hacks; This is a screen shot i took of the last one. While it was hacked (defaced).

says Ka0tic Lab Group. Click image for the screen shot

So who were they who who is this Ka0atic Lab Group? I found out that this was an irc channel. I did visit it too. Just to checkout and find out on this. As far as i know there was 3 successful hacks into the dhiraagu web server. Also the 3 was done by the gangs who hang on this irc server. #ferror, #DaemonOptic and #ka0tic.

Again here is the proof! Click for a screen shot

So need more? ok follow this link as well to Zone-H So I suggest all those script kiddies and wanna be's out there should think about what they publish before they do it.

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Anonymous said...

WHAT THE FUCK.... not only that!!
Even the footnote seem to be an altered version of mine.

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