Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Mr. Tsunami from Sumatra, Indonesia

tsumani ... yeah! the freeking thing did say hi to me last year!...and...

This was the view i saw when i got out of my apartment.. and this picture is all over the net..including Wikipedia

so what did it do to me..

This was my place before and after the wave..

and this is my door

and what did i do... nothing.. some how it's fixed now; during the process, my aunty did all of my laundry... hehehe.. so i should thank her for that.. and my cousin Ashfaam who helped me all the way and still does.. and my friends namely Ashraf, Uvey, Fazu and Buttercup.. who came in for the rescure.. :P well what else.. after the event simon suggested that we should help in some way; so we came up with the web site www.tsunamimaldives.mv. It was great team work. Namely Inn. I think his contribution to the site must be noted.

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