Thursday, January 13, 2005

Now there's three cigarettes in the ashtray.

Two cigarettes in an ashtray,
My love and I in a small cafe.
Then a stranger came along,
And everything went wrong.
Now there's three cigarettes in the ashtray.
this is a song by Cline Pasty. But this is not about love this is about Ashtrays. Usually or rather everyday i start off with a cigaratte and along with it comes the ashtray. So today i wondered about it, while i was having my morning cigaratte, and here i am talking about it as well.

" އަޅި ކެޑި "

So why is it such a big deal these "ashtrays" thats what i want to know too. Like i got three. One in my living area, one in my room and the last one in my toilet. I guess it's cos of the ash you need the ashtrays, and the ash comes from the cigarattes. and i do smoke! but then again anything or a lot of things can be subsituted as ashtrays. At time the empty cigarette packs, etc.. empty cans. Like the other day we went to this cafe' (ice corn) near my current office. They don't really support smoking but since people smoke at times they keep the ashtrays and other times they don't, so whats the result all the ash goes to the floor and the butts. Anyway on this day; i guess it was like two days back. They got down empty tuna cans , as ashtrays. Yeah! they did.

This is a pic I took some months back at ice corn; when they use to provide the ashtrays

Anyway ashtrays are very helpful; if you keep em'. What ever form they maybe. Like late night when you are out of cigarattes; you go hunting the ashtray; and very creative things can happen. :D "saves the night" or when you are dead broke!

Another pic I took at a local resort : an ashtray made of coconut

But you can't imagine ashtrays comes in all sort of forms you even get USB ashtrays! yeah you do get them as well. Maybe I might get one of these.

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